Custom Fabrication 

From design to completion, SimFab dose it all!



Whether it’s old or new, traditional or modern, Fabrication is an art that requires attention to detail, patience and time. with those three things, we can do anything! 


Restorations UpStyle

all things are made new! up-style with steel. from your old rotted wood handrails, to your beat up counter tops, we can create it.




It’s a hot job,  but I’m always ready to do it. A complete custom fireplace mantel piece can change a boring old room into a masterpiece that's sure to draw attention. 


Do you have something you need locked up? Good thing SimFab is here to secure your needs.


Gates and Windows

We make all your insecurity's go away with a SimFab  security gate or window. from man doors do driveway gates, we have you covered. Check out our idea gallery for more info